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Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao

Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao

Parent of Le Tra My, Le Anh Thu, Le Tri Dung.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao

As the first students at Edison Anchor, my family had a lot of difficulties at first. Because first grade schooling is a major turning point in a child’s life as they move from playful activities in preschool to elementary school. Grade 1 in particular and elementary school in general are the basic grades of general education. Success in primary school is a great chance for a child to succeed in the next level. I don’t think I’d compare my children to other people, because each child has a different identity and ability. I always encourage, and praise when my children do well, and encourage them to try harder when they have done anything.
After almost a year of schooling, they quickly integrated and proved their abilities as well as qualities. When I was in school, practical subjects would be lightly considered, but now they have a full range of subjects like cooking, robotics, stem, basketball, football, and martial arts. Students are always balanced between literacy and fitness, “work out” is the “must do” in the daily to-do list, which is the advantage of modern education because it will create people with productive work, and work durability. My youngest child is passionate about sports and plays on a professional football field with FIBA standard basketball carpet. My children are all passionate about books, so they come to Edison like fish to water because the school has an open library and a main library. There’s also a weekly schedule for reading at the main library, so they’re excited and they can borrow books.
Having fun and learning underneath this school, their emotions are different, but in my heart there’s always something that can’t be described. My children have a lot of close friends in every classroom and the teachers are always enthusiastic. It’s true that no school is perfect, only the one that’s right for your child. And that’s Edison School. So I decided to pack up the end-of-school funds for all three of my children. They all have high scholarships and school support, free buses, books, and free school meals.
We can’t grow plants in places where there’s no light, nor can we raise children with a little bit of enthusiasm. Let’s take hands of experience together, open up a world of exciting knowledge, grow up together, and create a loving, passionate learning environment. You don’t impose, you only build and support their passion, one way or another.
Fill your life with wonderful, bold, and confident experiences as you step into your new school. Keep experiencing, live your life with your own interests and passions. Self-happiness is the first skill you need to master.
The Edison School will be a place to tell a child what to do, a place that will lay the foundations and dreams of their life, and a place you’ll always remember.
My family is proud to be a member of the great Edison family!
Raising a child is a long and challenging journey for a mother. In the process, you have to be extremely patient and listen to children to understand them better and find the right way to educate them. I always believed that love would touch every child and follow them for the rest of their lives.

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