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Mr. Bui Van Thanh

Mr. Bui Van Thanh

Parent of Bui Huy Khanh, Bui Tue Lam

Mr. Bui Van Thanh

My family has a son named Bui Huy Khanh, before he went to Edison An Khanh School, he had been a student at a high-quality public primary school in Ha Dong. I felt he had a lot of passion for science and English, but he wasn’t as healthy as his classmates. With the desire for him to have a comprehensive learning environment so that he can develop all his abilities and passions, my family has explored a lot of private and international schools on the ground close to my house. Incidentally, at the same time, we knew that Edison An Khanh was about to be opened. For the first time visiting and attending the school’s seminar, we were impressed by the newly built school, which is now built in the large municipal park of Mailand Ha Noi city. After the seminar, we decided to transfer the school on the very first day of the new school year.
After almost a year of schooling at Edison High School, we were really pleased and happy that it was the right decision. Studying at Edison An Khanh my son has an environment to grow more comprehensively with an advanced education program with a variety of subjects: Mathematics English, Science English, Native English, Second Language English…and especially at school you are involved in clubs: Steam – Robotics, Information Technology, English, Music, Real Esthetics…with a team of young, dynamic and enthusiastic teachers to help him develop his abilities. It’s a pleasure to be in class every day.
With all our love for Edison An Khanh Red Tile School, in the school year 2024-2025, we will send our daughter to the first grade at school and hope that the school will continue to grow and help the children to fly high, fly far…

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