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Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong

Parent of Nguyen Minh Khue, Nguyen Quang Lan

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong

The decision to let my children move to a new school has never been easy for us.
For a long time, we’ve been planning on guiding my children into a specialized school, and from there, they have chances to enter top universities. So, as soon as my son entered the fifth grade, my husband and I took them back and forth to extra classes, and they almost didn’t have time to study at home. In secondary school, my son had entered high-quality specialized school in the first intention.
However, at the same time our daughter entered first grade, the desire for her to experience a good learning environment in high-quality private and international schools also arose. Coincidentally, we found out that Edison had just opened a campus near our house, and I took my children to a summer camp there. As a result, our daughter was really eager to study at Edison, although we had previously completed her application for another high-quality school.
While my sister was at Edison, my brother was in the other specialized school.
Feeling about both environments, we think they are very good, however, comparing them to two different educational environments. We found that the education program at Edison gives my children the different skills they need besides the book and academic knowledge they’ve had for over half a year for my daughter to study here.
Although our decision was surprising because our son was stable at the old school with a very good quality of education, after more than a month at Edison, we realized that that decision was right for both of my children and my family at the moment.
Now, the fact that my children actively advocate each other to get off the bus on time every morning and go home on their own has become a fixed schedule in our daily lives.
In the evening, they complete their class tasks together and spend time with fun activities that suit each of their own preferences.
They’re serious about completing project assignments and other subjects. Besides the knowledge, they develop communication skills, teamwork, application of computer science to classroom subjects, experience the practical application of academic knowledge to life, and eager to go to school every day.
Edison is an innovative educational environment with good facilities and leadership willing to listen to and adapt to the general trends of the international education environment as well as the common opinions of parents and students.

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