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Explore the animal world through English lessons with teacher Daniel

The lesson with Mr. Daniel on the topic of the animal world was an interesting and useful learning experience for 6th grade students. Using modern and creative teaching methods, he helped his students learn. Student Edison An Khanh “understands deeply and remembers for a long time” about the animal world, their habitat and their behavior. […]

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Picnic at Hanoi Museum by students of Edison An Khanh School

The picnic at Hanoi Museum brought Edison An Khanh School students an exciting day, full of laughter and excitement of discovery. Every step through the unique display corners has left a memorable impression on each student. Accompanying the students and teachers are the tour guides. Students had the opportunity to share knowledge and interesting stories […]

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Edison Schools An Khanh – Parent meeting at the beginning of the school year. Actively interact to optimize output

The parent meeting at the beginning of the new school year 2023-2024 took place successfully with openness, frankness but no less friendliness and warmth from both parents and the school. Many topics were brought up for discussion and exchange such as curriculum, next school year’s goals, and international subjects. In addition, the meeting also emphasized […]

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