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Primary School


Primary school is the starting level of the General Education program, BUILDING the first pillars for THE FRAMEWORK OF COMPETENCES, QUALITIES AND KNOWLEDGE of students during 12 years of school. This is the reason why Edison took the keyword “TO CONSTRUCT” as the design orientation for the primary education program, as a stepping stone “TO FORM” (SECONDARY SCHOOL) and “TO BE READY” (HIGH SCHOOL) start gluing feathers to their arms, helping them prepare to step out on their own to join the “Social Factory”, to become a kind, autonomous, positive person who reaps success and happiness.

We understand the most important desire of parents for Primary school age is that their children can learn, experience, and grow up in a friendly, and inspirational environment where every school day ends with overwhelming joy. The joy of parents and students is also the happiness of educators in Edison.

In the same approach, the Edison Primary Education Program is designed for students to enhance students’ COMPREHENSIVE DEVELOPMENT: to be fully educated and nurtured to harmoniously develop the physical and mental aspects, have a healthy living and learning routine. At the same time, the children begin to develop a proactive learning method and expand their capacities naturally; build the basic knowledge base on Languages (Vietnamese and English), Mathematics, Science, Technology, etc. .; train study skills, social communication skills, etc. to form the essential QUALITIES and COMPETENCES, with the harmony of virtue, intellect, physicality, sense of beauty, activate and develop each student’s potential to the fullest.



With a view to honing the comprehensive development of Edison students, Edison Schools build diverse, multi-dimensional and multiple intelligence – based education method which helps differentiate and promote the competencies of individuals.


Edison Schools are currently implementing two training programs, Standard English Program and American Bilingual Program, to meet the varied needs and orientations of families.


  •  The curriculum of basic subjects: Mathematics, Vietnamese, Nature and Society, Science, History, Geography, etc., adhere to the National Education Program’s goals and essential requirements for competence and personality development. The content and course materials are optimized and updated. Diverse and inspiring methods are suitable for students’ physical condition and age.
  • Based on the foundation of the National Education Program, the Physical Education, and Art (Music, Fine Arts) curriculum is designed to utilize and maximize the effectiveness of modern facilities in Edison and taking advantage of Ecopark green space.
  • The Life Skills program is built into an individual subject and integrates some contents into other subjects to help students equip and practice social communication skills, thinking and learning skills, self-mastering skill.
  • The Computer Science program helps students to develop thinking and competencies in computer information technology. The program is equipped with age-appropriate and suitable equipment in the 4.0 era.
  • The STEM & ROBOTICS program is built according to the US program framework, selected, and designed to suit Vietnamese students, with the high-precision, creative and diverse learning materials.
  •  Through projects, social activities, the program content is implemented in separate lessons or integrated into other disciplines to develop personality and core values: Respect – Cooperation, Love – Sharing, Kindness – Integrity, Positiveness – Proactiveness, Responsibility – Effort, Inquisitiveness – Creativity.
  • The Reading Program inspires and maintains reading habits and interests– an opening door to a treasure trove of human knowledge.
  • Club programs within the regular school schedule: 4 periods/week. Students can choose clubs according to their interests and strengths in the fields of Arts, Sports, Academic, Science and Technology Innovations.
  • A series of full-day, inter-school or school-wide project days with diverse content and format, which are organized 4 times/year, in all subjects of Edison Education Program.
  • Picnic: 2 times/year, combine practical learning and skills practicing into picnic experience.
  • Series of Events – International or Vietnamese Traditional program.


  • The ESL English Program (English as a Second Language) follows the CEFR (European Common Language Reference Framework).
  • The program is taught entirely in English, with 10 periods/week, account for 50% of the time with foreign teachers.
  • Towards the goal of achieving the standard of language entrance requirement for International Universities.
  • Participate in the International English certification exams such as Cambridge English, TOEFL / IELTS.
  • The ESL English Program (English as a Second Language) follows the CEFR (European Common Language Reference Framework).
  • Intensive English program including the subjects ENL (English as a Native Language), Math, Science built based on the framework of the American High School program (Common Core).
  • The program is taught entirely in English, with a duration of 16 lessons/week, account for 63% of the time with foreign teachers.
  • Towards the goal of language competence to succeed in studying at International Universities.
  • Participate in the International English certification exams such as Cambridge English, TOEFL / IELTS and academic standardized tests such as PSAT, SAT, etc.
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